Fantastic Flower
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This beautiful flower is a fantastic addition to your garden!  It is truly always in bloom and makes a beautiful display!  It stands 4 1/2 feeet tall and holds 8 bottles.  This tree is a natural patina finish and is created to give a beauifully natural effect in your yard or garden.

Pricing on this tree is not inclusive of the bottles displayed.  However, you may purchase bottles separately from us or display your own collection of bottles.

All Lowcountry Bottle Trees are solid steel structures, thus making our trees the highest quality bottle trees available.  This tree requires freight shipping or local pickup.  We regret any inconvenience, but guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of this piece of art!  Please complete the Contact Us page so that we may obtain a shipping quote for you or make local pickup arrangments with you.

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Fantastic Flower

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